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Acrylic Resources

Acrylic Resource

A wide range of different acrylic painters have produced instructional films that cover a range of subject matter from flower painting to urban landscape. Our DVDs from APV Films and Town House Films are a great way of getting new painting technique ideas all in the comfort of your living room!


Sometimes the easiest way to learn how to paint is to watch how someone else at work, and these DVDs could not get closer to the feeling of being right next to a professional artist at work.  The DVDs that we have that demonstrate a number of approaches to painting in acrylic are varied and presented by a number of Britain’s leading painters.


John Hammond is a painter who studied at Wimbledon Art College and Bath Academy of Art.  His work can be found in many collections internationally.  He has been elected as an Academician of the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts.  His work is influenced by Impressionism, and his particular skill lies in capturing light.


Mitch Waite has been a professional painter for over twenty years and has extensive experience in teaching art – in fact he runs his own painting school.  His paintings are gestural and expressive, using bold brush marks to create vibrant and distinctive paintings of both urban and rural landscapes as well as figures.


Soraya French has produced two acrylic painting DVDs – ‘Revealing the Secrets of Acrylics’ and ‘Dynamic Acrylics’.  She is one of the most in demand teachers and demonstrators in the country, thanks to her vibrant and dynamic (not to mention colourful) work.  Soraya is well experienced in using all kinds of acrylic colour, from inks to heavy body.


Adebanji Alade is a young and exciting artist who works in both oils and acrylics.  He enjoys capturing the life of urban scenes.  He is a provisional member of the ROI.


Jackson’s Art Supplies has an extensive range of book titles – hundreds in fact! – and these cover every subject matter and angle imaginable – from how to make work to how to sell it.  Browse our titles to find the right book for your needs.

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