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Art Spectrum Artists Soft Pastel

Art Spectrum Artists Soft Pastel

Art Spectrum Soft Pastels provide the artist with a range of 154 colours that are pure, brilliant and intense, and remain that way. The very best pigments are selected and triple milled to ensure thorough mixing of the pigments and binder to bring out the finest colour at maximum concentration and provide the rich, velvety bloom valued by pastel artists. This method of production produces smouldering darks, brilliant and intense pure colours, and a range of subtle and delicate tints.

Art Spectrum Soft Pastels are manufactured in Australia where they are the market leading brand of artists’ quality pastels. The range includes colours distinctively unique to the Australian landscape, including Pilbara Red, Jacaranda and Australian Red Gold. Unlike many other brands Art Spectrum pastels do not have an even softness across the range. This is due to the diverse characteristics and composition of different pigments used; Art Spectrum believes the inclusion of softeners or extenders would reduce the purity and brilliance of the pastels. All Art Spectrum pure pigment pastels are free from heavy metals, asbestos or other toxic substances.

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Art Spectrum Single Soft Pastels
Art Spectrum Single Soft Pastels
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Art Spectrum Artists Soft Pastel Sets
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