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Blockx Watercolour

Blockx Watercolour

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Blockx Watercolours are made using only lightfast pigments to insure stability because watercolour is a naturally fragile medium. The most intense and brilliant pigments, which always can be diluted but never improved. 

A binding agent that facilitates the working properties. Made with the finest traditional ingredients but prepared with a modern formula for the needs of today’s artists. Slowly ground on stone tricylinders to simulate the manual process and accentuate the individual quality of each colour.


Artist Comments:

'I love the moistness of the paint, the clairity of hue (rich color of the pigment), the beautiful granulation of colors such as cerulean blue, ultramarine blue, manganese violet, cobalt green, cobalt violet and so on that help provide texture for my landscape painting. I'm sure that is because of the stone ground method' - S.Q, USA


'My reason for writing this is simply to say this, your Blockx half pans are a pure pleasure to use. They give up their colour with ease and lend themselves to beautiful even washes. Please accept my thanks for producing such worthwhile paints and please keep up the good work' - G.M, UK

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Blockx Watercolour 15ml
Blockx Watercolour 15ml
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Blockx Giant Pans Watercolour
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