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Unison Colour Soft Pastels

Unison Colour Soft Pastels

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Unison hand made soft pastels are second to none. In their subtlety and intensity of colour, their fluency and responsiveness to touch and in their delicacy and robustness, Unison Colour Soft Pastels aspire to perfection. They are available in over 400 shades and they are made in the UK. 


A Brief History of Unison Pastels

Unison Colour is based in the Northumberland National Park. The business began in the early 1980s, when artist John Hersey found that mass produced, factory made pastels simply did not offer the qualities he was looking for. He began an inquiry, to see whether, with the pigments available, he could construct some kind of mirror to the magic of colour. Unison Colour Soft Pastels are the result.


The Manufacturing Process
Despite manufacturing over half a million individual sticks a year the pastels are still completely hand made and retain all the qualities of the originals. They are mixed to John’s meticulous recipes and are based on traditional pigments such as cadmiums, cobalts and natural and synthetic earths.


The difference in the manufacturing process, hand rolling rather than extrusion, gives Unison Colour Soft Pastels a unique texture, delivering a consistency of response across the colour spectrum that is unmatched and that is loved by artists.

Unison Artists Soft Pastels
Unison Artists Soft Pastels
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Unison Large Soft Pastels
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Unison Artists Soft Pastel sets
Unison Artists Soft Pastel sets
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Unison Soft Pastel Empty Black Boxes
Unison Soft Pastel Empty Black Boxes
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