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There are three main ways to browse through our catalogue.

1. The search box at the top right of the page works well with single items or with a list of catalogue codes. Type in keywords such as 'keba' and click 'search', this will bring up 3 Keba Artmate paper stretchers. The search box is also very useful if you have a catalogue and know the product codes. Type 'wb15090' and click search, this will instantly bring up Holbein 15ml Cobalt Blue watercolour.

2. The Shop by Department button on the top left of the screen (below our logo), is useful when you are looking for a particular item, but wish to choose between brands. Clicking this button will prompt a menu to drop down with all the main categories of products that we sell. If you are interested in buying an oil paint, for example, all you need to do is click on 'Oil', and then browse through the list of brands that load up. Each main category also has further information on how to use the products listed in that section.

3. Shop by Brand is for those who know what brand they are looking for, and is particularly useful for those who wish to purchase a number of different items manufactured by the same company. For example, if you are a watercolourist who favours Schmincke watercolour, simply click on 'Shop by Brand', then click on Schmincke, and then select Watercolour, and all the colours in the range will be listed.

Adding to Wishlist or Add to Basket

When you select an item that you are interested in, add it to your basket and continue shopping or proceed to checkout. Alternatively, why not create a Wishlist? Just click on 'add to wishlist' (or '+ wishlist') and make your wishlist publicly searchable, or send it to friends and family...and ensure you receive the present you've always wanted!

Ran Out of Time or Suffering Computer Trouble?

Ran out of time and want to save your order for later? Ensure you are logged in (you may need to register if you are a first time shopper with us), check your chosen items are in your basket and then log out.  Your basket will be saved for the next time you are able to login to our website. It is a also great idea to always login before you start shopping. This way, your order will be preserved in your basket, in the event of a technical difficulty, such as, your internet browser crashing or your laptop overheating. To find your chosen items simply log back in (if necessary) and click on 'My Basket'.

Proceeding to Checkout

At checkout, you will be asked for your billing and delivery addresses, as well as payment details (we accept most credit and debit cards). Remember to include any delivery instructions you need to tell us. You will also have the option of logging into an existing account if you have one, which will mean you don't have to enter all your details again. Once you have submitted all your details you will have the option of printing your order summary.

Log In Help

Whenever I try and checkout the website says "Your E-Mail Address already exists in our records - please log in with the e-mail address or create an account with a different email address."

This error is shown for three main reasons:

1. You have purchased from us before and we have automaticaly created you an account. The reason we do this is to help you track your orders, view your order history and store your adresses for future use. If you didn't receive or cannot remember your password you can generate a new one by clicking here

We recommend that when you receive an email from us stating your password, you copy (highlight the pass word and then press Ctrl + C) and paste (press Ctrl + V once you have clicked into the box that you wish to enter the password into) to avoid any typing errors.  Please note, when copying and pasting please be sure to copy only the 10 characters of the password. If you accidentally copy a space next to the password our system will recognise it as an 11th character and your login will fail.

2. You have tried to purchase from us before but never actually made it to the payment page. Just before we take your card payment we ask for your address and email details and at this point we automatically store your details and send you a password by email (we do this so that you are then able to view your order history and to save you time should you buy from us again by pre-filling your address details etc.). Please check your email "in-box" for these details or simply generate a new one by clicking here.

3. The email address you supplied is not correct, please check the spelling.

When I try to make a payment I get a message suggesting there is a "Technical Error"?

This usually means that the connection from our web store to the bank system has failed at the point of your payment. This can happen because they are very busy or because they have a technical problem. Please try to make the payment again. It is also worth trying with an alternative card.

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