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Raphael Paris Class Hog series 357 Long Flat size 6

Raphael Paris Class Hog series 357 Long Flat size 6 Code: [B3576]

RRP Price: 6.10
Our Price: 4.60

This pure white, soft brush is crafted of double boiled hair which is softer than conventional bristle hair brushes and straighter. The hair has a cohesive working nature making each stroke smooth from start to finish. Unlike conventional interlocked bristle, the straight hair has no tendency to split after the stroke.
Made with seamless copper ferrules and long black lacquered handles.
Made by the world's oldest brush manufacturer in France, Raphael, who say the following about this highly regarded brush: "A superior variety of hog bristle, with a strict selection and treatment: whitened, boiled for two hours and treated specially, famous for its fineness."
Suitable for oil, acrylic and tempera paints.

Shipping Weight: 13gm
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