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Da Vinci : Maestro Tobolsky Kolinsky Red Sable Series 10 Size : 3/0

Da Vinci : Maestro Tobolsky Kolinsky Red Sable Series 10 Size : 3/0 Code: [BRS103/0]

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MAESTRO water colour brush, round 
Siberian Kolinsky red sable hair from selected male winter tails 
so-called silver ferrule 
short black polished handles 
standard sizes No. 10/0 to No. 36 and No. 50 
From size 12 up, the series 10 and 35 are packaged piece by piece in a special gift box, which includes also some pure soap for the care of these precious brushes

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Made from carefully selected hair from the winter coat of the Siberian Red Kolinsky Sable. These particular hairs are so valuable that they are only used in this series of the Da Vinci range. The large sizes are sometimes unavailable due to the scarcity of the larger hairs.


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