A Guide to Studio Equipment


Erasers remove graphite and charcoal, as well as coloured crayon marks.  An eraser is as valuable as the drawing implement in creating forms within a drawing – it can help establish the negative spaces within a composition.  Putty erasers are malleable and can be moulded so that very small areas can be erased – their softness is sympathetic to soft paper surfaces and you are less likely to damage paper with a soft eraser.  Plastic erasers are a little more rigid, and they cannot be moulded into different shapes.  They are less likely to smudge marks than a putty eraser when used lightly.Jackson’s also offers a couple of electric erasers that help you remove drawing marks with remarkable ease.


A sharp point to a pencil is vital for crisp, fresh vibrant lines and marks.  Our extensive variety of choice allows you to decide between a simple sharpener, one that collects the sharpenings, or one that is battery operated making it a 100% effortless task.  Or, you might choose to buy a craft knife or sandpaper block instead!  For very soft pastel pencils we also sell special pastel pencil sharpeners by Derwent and Stabilo.