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Improve your brushwork with fast, loose, and bold techniques from Patti Mollica Infuse your acrylic paintings with vibrant color and movement using brushwork instruction from artist and instructor Patti Mollica. Patti will teach you how to paint using bold, gestural brushwork that fills your works with the energy and direction of the paint passages and brush strokes. You'll learn how to include your movement and application of paint to create texture and interest in your finished works. Patti begins this workshop with an exploration of acrylic painting materials and teaches you the basics of bold brush techniques. Then, follow along with three exercises that will help you loosen up your brushwork and gain confidence in your new, bold painting. You'll learn how to work with limited strokes, work with larger brushes, work faster, smarter, and with more confidence If you're feeling stuck in a painting rut, this video workshop is the perfect shot of energy and excitement your acrylic painting needs Preview Acrylic Painting Brushwork Techniques, Fast, Loose and Bold now to learn how to use large brushes and lots of paint in a quick, effective way to create bright, loose, and expressive works.

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MATERIALS Acrylic Paints: Alizarin Crimson Black Burnt Sienna Burnt Umber Cadmium Orange Cadmium Red Light Cadmium Yellow Light Cerrulean Blue Dioxazine Purple Neutral Gray 6 Phthalo Blue (green shade) Quinacridone Magenta Titanium White Ultramarine Blue Viridian Green Yellow Ochre Other colors you can have on hand: Cadmium Red Medium, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Sap Green (and any other colors you like to use) Surfaces: White Gessoed

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