Amsterdam : Expert Acrylic Paint

70 colours available in 75 ml & 150 ml and 40 colours available in 400 ml

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As an acrylic artist, there comes a time when you expect more of yourself and of your paint. Then there is the Amsterdam Expert Series. A carefully selected acrylic paint, the result of pure craftsmanship and made of the best ingredients. To get the best out of your artistic talents.

Inspiring properties

Heavy-body paint, suitable for working with brush as well as painting knife High degree of the purest pigments which guarantees strong and intense colours The highest degree of lightfastness (+++), the original colour remains unchanged for at least 100 years (under museum conditions) A group of colours with authentic, very exclusive pigments A number of colours are mono-pigmented, thereby producing the purest colours when mixed Exceptionally durable and flexible paint film due to the basis of 100% acrylic resin Uniform degree of gloss, therefore no undesired differences in gloss
To use with Acrylic
Quality Excellent

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