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 ArtGrid Demo



Translate your photos into perfect compositions with Jackson's ArtGrid for iPad and Android tablets. ArtGrid takes the hard work out of the traditional grid method of composition and produces precisely scaled and cropped images, ready to apply to your canvas or paper. Capture and import images and compose your next masterpiece with a range of zoom and crop options, grey-scale filter for examining values, and apply a grid specific to your surface's dimensions for accurate translation.

 + Use existing images or take a new one on the go.
 + Select artwork sizes from a great selection of preloaded templates, which include ‘A’ sizes, canvas sizes and paper sizes.
 + Select your own dimensions in inches or millimetres, Landscape or Portrait.
 + Select ‘Golden ratio’ for the traditional perfect proportions.
 + Scale your image up or down, flip and rotate it.
 + Easily gauge tone, highlights and shadows using the grey-scale button.
 + Add up to 10 grid lines on either the horizontal or vertical.
 + Measurements are pre-calculated for you, ready for transfer.
 + Print, save, email or share your perfect composition.
 + Zoom in on your gridded image whilst you sketch out your composition.
 + Sketch or paint the perfect composition 




















Grey-scale function 

Original image


   Step 1                                                                                            Step 2   

    Choose image and choose canvas size                                         Press the Grey-scale button









   Step 3                                                                                             Step 4

    Add the gridlines                                                                                      The finshed tonal sketch