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  • Is ArtGrid available internationally? Yes

  • Is ArtGrid available on smartphones? No

  • Is the grid in cm or inches? You can input the size in either metrics however not the grid itself, this is in mm only.

  • How much does ArtGrid cost to buy? It is completely free until further notice

  • Can I use ArtGrid on my desktop? No, available on ipad or android tablet

  • Whenerever I try to take a picture the camera goes blank? If your tablet or ipad has a case, it may be covering the camera, check on your usual camera to see if this is happening.

  • Will Artgrid be availbale for mobile devices? We are not currently working on a mobile version, but we will let you know if we do. 



  • Artgrid is compatible with iPad

  • ArtGrid is compatible with Android tablet devices. Have a look at our List of Android Devices compatible with ArtGrid 

  • ArtGrid is not compatible with any mobile device or desktop

For any further questions, contact ArtGrid Support here