Atelier : Acrylic Medium : Medium Set : 60ml : Set of 5

Atelier : Acrylic Medium : Medium Set : 60ml : Set of 5


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This Atelier Acrylic Medium Set contains 4 x 60ml of the following mediums plus a Fine Mist Water Sprayer:

Binder Medium

A waterbased acrylic emulsion, which can be used straight from the bottle or thinned with water 1:1 to seal most surfaces. Atelier Binder Medium can be used as a sizing on canvas or cotton duck to seal the surface and prevent absorption of paint into the fabric. Mix with paint to dilute colour without losing intensity. Use neat between dry paint layers to seal or mix with Atelier Interactive for fast drying acrylic techniques.

Clear Painting Medium

A mid viscosity medium that allows paint to be diluted smoothly for glazing and blending techniques without altering sheen level. It has a high water content and will allow Atelier Interactive to remain workable for longer without the need to use a water sprayer.

Thick Slow Medium

Works in the same way as the more fluid Slow Medium (extending wet-in-wet blending time), but with its more paint like consistency it can be used for spreading and diluting paint without making it too thin or runny.

Unlocking Formula

Atelier’s Unlocking Formula has been specifically designed to help you control the drying of Atelier Interactive. It allows you to keep your acrylic paint wet for as long as you need. Mix the ‘Unlocking Formula’ into your paint with either a brush or an atomiser spray. This ‘Formula’ will keep your paint wet, it will also re-wet or re-open recently dried paint. Once the paint is re-opened, new paint can be blended back in, existing paint edges can be feathered or whole sections can be removed with a rag to reveal under layers. 

Fine Mist Water Sprayer

A specifically designed sprayer which produces a controlled fine mist intended to keep Atelier Interactive workable for as long as desired. Ideal for wet-in-wet techniques.

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