Vallejo : Textile Marker : 1mm Felt Tip : Violet


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Best results are obtained on cloth made of natural fibres such as cotton or linen, but excellent results can also be achieved on synthetic fabrics. However, due to the different properties of synthetic fibres, it is best to start with paint and wash tests. If the fabric contains starch, it should be washed before painting.

To avoid painted fabric sticking to support, use cardboard or absorbent paper underneath; remove immediately after painting so that it will not stick to the fabric.

Layering colors is not recommended, because overloading the fabric may interfere with proper bonding to fabric. Brushes and other tools are cleaned with water and soap. Dried paint can be removed with alcohol. Stains of Textile Color are difficult to remove if not washed immediately before drying; the colour is formulated for permanenc even without ironing. Textile colour is not hazardous to users' health or to the environment.

Store horizontally.

Weight 0.0200
Nib Size 1 - 2 mm
To use with Printmaking, Screen Printing
Quality Excellent

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