Basic Color Mixing Techniques : DVD by Mark Menendez


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In Basic Color Mixing Techniques with Mark Menendez you will discover how easy it is to gain confidence in painting with color. Follow along through several demonstrations with topics covering how the color wheel works, the difference between hues, pigments and tones, how to mix color. Gain a better understanding of the characteristics of paint from learning how it is made. Not only will you learn the essentials in mixing color but also how to achieve the right color in every situation using different color arrangements. In the end you will be confident in your skills and create your own strong, harmonious and vibrant paintings in oil or acrylics. 

In this Color Mixing Video you will learn:

  • How to use your store bought color wheel to achieve the right color
  • The role of earth tones and how to get grays and neutrals
  • How to use complementary colors
  • How color arrangements work to create the mood of the painting
  • How values create form

Basic Color Mixing Techniques - DVD with Mark Menendez

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