The HMS Victory as painted by Kim Whitby

Kim Whitby has just completed her MA in Fine Art at Aberyswyth University. She got in touch to share her experiences of working on her final piece – an ambitious oil painting installation which reflected the sensation of standing inside the great Naval ship HMS Victory, looking out to the docklands of Portsmouth. A restricted view, is frequently how we visually experience the world. Our landscape is rarely without street furniture, posts, fences or buildings, even in the most remote and unspoilt areas of Britain. In my Fine Art Masters degree at Aberystwyth University I have been thinking about the way that we visually experience our landscape and environment, whether that is with physical interruptions that are part of our modern lives, or more formal barriers which prevent us from unrestricted visual access. For my final exhibition I spent three months evolving these ideas further by working in a space that is simultaneously  public and restricted; HMS Victory in the Historic Dockyards in Portsmouth, which is a museum exhibit, sited within an operational Naval base.  Having previously visited the museum, I was left with a very clear impression of views out from the ship, through the gun ports. This initial impression … Continue reading The HMS Victory as painted by Kim Whitby