Meet Christopher Gray, winner of the Jackson’s One to Watch Prize

Last month, Jackson’s Art Supplies sponsored the One to Watch Award at this year’s FBA Futures Exhibition. The exhibition showcased the work of the most exciting and promising artist-graduates from 2015, as selected by representatives of the Federation of British Artists. The Award winner was decided by public vote, and we are thrilled that the winner was Christopher Gray’s ‘Gold on Blue’ (Pictured above, 80 x 140 cm, oil on wood). The oil painting on wooden panel depicts a young woman in contemplation on a blue chequered background, with an oriental fan shaped halo, adorned with cherry blossom and birds. We were intrigued to find out more about the artist behind this spiritual and beautiful work. Lisa: Can you tell us a bit about your prize winning work, ‘Gold on Blue’? Christopher: My piece was inspired initially by Sydney Long’s work ‘Sadder than a Single Star that Sets at Twilight in a Land of Reeds’, his long central figure combined with big abstract shapes and brilliant use of gentle colour contrasts drew me to it.  I have always been captivated by big bold but subtly executed compositions, the theme of a central idea but with as much emphasis on the whole image and not any individual … Continue reading Meet Christopher Gray, winner of the Jackson’s One to Watch Prize