Choosing a Rubber: Comparing Erasers

Most people assume they know all there is to know about erasers. But there are different types for different jobs and you are more likely to get the result you want if you use the right tool. After testing different types of erasers, different brands and different methods I have discovered a few things that might help you get the most from this small but important drawing implement.   After thinking about the following questions I set out to see if testing would help me sort out the differences between erasers. What eraser removes coloured pencil? Do all rubbers work equally well when ‘drawing’ into charcoal with a rubber? What’s the best rubber to remove the graphite sketch from a finished watercolour painting? Why do some rubbers smear and make a mess? Why do some rubbers damage paper? Is there a rubber that will remove a graphite line in a drawing without lightening the ink line on top?   Comparing Types of Erasers Table of Contents How will you be using your eraser? Kinds of Erasers Tips for Using an Eraser Subtractive Drawing with a Rubber Erasing Coloured pencils Find out which eraser is right for you —Kneaded Putty Rubbers … Continue reading Choosing a Rubber: Comparing Erasers