The Difference between Graphite and Charcoal Explained

Graphite and charcoal are two of the most used materials for drawing and draughtmanship. While both are carbon based, the way they are made means they both have unique qualities and functions. This makes them particularly distinctive as tools with charcoal being used for expressive, dramatic work and preliminary sketches and graphite being used for detailed, exact work. Over the recent years, they have been manufactured in a vast array of different forms, meaning their versatility has dramatically increased and also helps explain the difference between graphite and charcoal. The Chemical Structure of Charcoal and Graphite Everything You Need to Know about Charcoal How is Charcoal Made? What is Charcoal Types of Charcoal *Vine, Willow and Linden Charcoal *Charcoal Powder *Compressed Charcoal *Charcoal Pencils *Miscellaneous ‘Charcoal’ Drawing Materials Everything You Need to Know about Graphite How is Graphite Made? What is Graphite Types of Graphite *Graphite Pencils *Graphite Blocks/ Sticks *Graphite Powder Main difference between the chemical structure of charcoal and graphite: Charcoal is a matte dark drawing material that crumbles easily and is often used for expressive marks. Charcoal’s structure is that of a complex lattice with no distinct or repetitive design. This lack of uniformity causes it to … Continue reading The Difference between Graphite and Charcoal Explained