Rachael Louise Hibbs: Botanical Inspired Linocut Prints

Rachael Louise Hibbs is a relief printmaker who is inspired by the natural world. Her prints depict plants and animals in her own visual language; monochromatic and full of intricately carved texture. In this interview Rachael shares her thoughts on her favourite materials to work with, the colours she likes to use and her recent ‘Be the Change’ fundraising print.     Lisa: First of all, can you tell me where you are based, where you work, and how you came to be a printmaker? Rachael: I am based in South London and I am currently working from my home in Battersea. I also would normally use the print studio at the college I work in but currently due to lockdown I can’t access the workshop. I first got into printmaking when I left university and got my first job as an art technician in a private boys school. They had an amazing etching press and I remember being hooked as soon as I used it for the first time to make a linocut print. It was only about 3 years ago that I decided to really dedicate my time to developing my practice in block printing and make it … Continue reading Rachael Louise Hibbs: Botanical Inspired Linocut Prints