Inside the Sketchbook of Akash Bhatt

Akash Bhatt is a mixed media artist whose sketchbook practice is at the core of his work. Here, Akash describes his variety of different sketchbooks, including custom made books, designed for drawing at the different locations and situations he finds himself in, as an unrelenting observer of the world.     Akash Bhatt Takes Us Through His Sketchbook Practice The importance of sketchbooks in an artist’s everyday life was something that was instilled in me by my tutors when I was studying A level Art. This proved to be one of the best pieces of advice I would receive during any of my formal Art education. Sketchbook work has since become the central point of all my work.     It remains the one constant, a companion to turn to. A place to record ideas, especially the fleeting ones which otherwise would fly away forever. Generally I have a couple of sketchbooks that are in use at any one time.   Daily Sketchbooks These are small to medium sized sketchbooks, used daily when I am able to sit and draw in public places like on trains (small books) and coffee shops (slightly larger but still discreet). This part of my … Continue reading Inside the Sketchbook of Akash Bhatt