Colorscape: An Around-The-World Guide to Color : Book by Naomi Kuno


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Colours In Context is a handy reference for those looking for ideas. Each chapter has a section within that contain a sample photographic image and a selection of colours relating thematically. For example, the colours in the France section include Paris Pink, French Mauve, and Versailles. Each colour is accompanied by a brief description with a visual cue as well as a list of evocative words associated with that hue. This innovative approach enables the reader to understand colours on a verbal as well as visual level. The meanings, images, and stories behind a myriad of colours is sure to provide endless creative inspiration. "Colors In Context" includes information on colour formulas for the internet as well as print (RBG/CMYK). A colour index is provided at the end of the book, in which the 658 colours are collected in 11 genealogical colour groups (Pink Group, Red Group), as well as a keyword index, making it possible to search for specific colours in a variety of ways.

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