Confident Color: An Artists Guide to Harmony:Contrast and Unity : Book by Nita Leland


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This approach to colour theory makes selecting colours easy and efficient. Readers will understand the importance of colour schemes and color contrasts, and how learning to use them effectively can be advantageous when painting. Colour Schemes unite paintings by creating harmony and dominance to achieve an expressive use of colour. Colour Contrasts create dynamism or tension within the painting; there are six contrasts: hue, value, intensity, temperature, complement and size. Readers will learn how to create a colour scheme or palette for their painting, and how to use similar colours, contrasting colours, neutrals, and complements to take their compositions to new heights. The book also addresses Compatible Colours, which are classic palettes that use familiar Colour Schemes and Colour Contrasts.

Spiral hardback: 160 pages

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ISBN-13: 9781600610127

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