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Conte Carre Crayons are baked with kaolin clay and are firmer than soft pastels, which means they work well on smooth paper as well as textured surfaces. Because they are firm and square they give accurate and energetic strokes when the edges of the sticks are used, you can shape Conté Crayons to a chisel tip with sandpaper for detailed work, drag them flat on their sides for various shading techniques or to cover large areas and the sticks can be broken for easier use. Sticks are 2½” long × ¼” square (63 mm × 6 mm). The opacity of the carre crayons means they give good coverage on dark papers.

The Conté Sketching carre crayons include a range of famous red-brown Sanguine colours, Grey and Bistre, plus white and 3 grades of black. These crayons are manufactured using natural pigments (iron oxides, carbon black, titanium dioxide). The Conté Colour carré crayons come in a range of vibrant colours.

To use with Pastel
Quality Excellent

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