Cornelissen Dry Pigment : Lemon Yellow (barium chrome) : 1 Kg Bag


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Artist Quality Pigment Lemon Yellow Pigment (PY32). Synthetic Inorganic pigment (Barium Chromate). Opaque but transparent in a glaze. Low tinting strength. Excellent Lightfastness. Low oil absorption with medium drying rate. Recommended for oils but can turn slightly greenish when mixed with binder.

Please note that due to the ’REACH Enforcement Regulations’ lead based products may only be purchased for the restoration or maintenance of fine or decorative works of art, historic buildings or their interiors, or scheduled monuments. The full text of the UK legislation is available from A declaration of use must be completed and then approved by the ‘competent body’ before we can provide you with these products; this may take up to three weeks.

Weight 0.0070
Quality Excellent
Weight : gm 10000 g

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