Cornelissen Dry Pigment : Phthalo (Mona) Green : 50g Bag


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This fine artist pigment should be mixed with drying oils to create oil paint. Please note that gloves and masks should be worn during this process. The amount of oil needed varies greatly with each pigment. This pigment is Phthalo (Mona) Green.

Please be aware that this pigment is sold by weight, and may come in either a bag or a jar. The pigment itself will be the same in either case. Please allow an extra week for delivery of this item.

Phthalo (Mona) Green Pigment (PG7). Organic pigment (Chlorinated Copper Phthalocyanine). Transparent. Very high tinting strength. Excellent Lightfastness. Medium to slow drying rate. Requires wetting agent. Suitable for all media. 

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