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Crea-Stone a new versatile sculpture medium, easy to mix and use. Mix in a plastic or metal container, slowly add one and a half pints of water for each five pounds of Crea-Stone, mix and allow to stand until the desired degree of firmness is achieved.

Carves like soap, hardens like stone.

Crea-Stone is textured material for casting and carving. Just add water, mix, and cast in cartons to form blocks for carving. When first cast, Crea-Stone blocks are easy to carve, like soap. Aged three to four months, it becomes as hard as stone, yet about four times lighter.

Smooth Crea-Stone with sandpaper or steel wool. This material is chip-resistant. Crea-Stone does not shrink or expand, and it is waterproof and fireproof.

Naturally coloured, Crea-Stone can be painted with a brush or spray. It is also suitable for use with direct wire modeling or sand, clay, and wax casting.

Weight 2.3000
Quality Excellent
Weight : gm 2250 g

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