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Non-adhesive mylar registration tabs for use with Ternes Burton Register Pins.
  • Sturdy Mylar registration stripping tabs
  • Re-useable and recyclable
  • Attach to paper with masking tape
  • Clicks securely into place on Ternes Burton Register Pins

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Ternes Burton stripping tabs are sturdy pieces of .0075" thick mylar and are non adhesive. They are for use in conjunction with Ternes Burton Register Pins. Use two per paper sheet. These tabs can be taped on to the back of your paper with masking tape, so that they are easily removed and re-used. When it comes to disposal the mylar is a group 1 PETE and so can be recycled accordingly.

As a basic guide gather together a base board of plywood or MDF, one pair of Ternes Burton Register Pins, two stripping tabs per paper sheet enough for your whole edition, parcel tape to tape down the pins, masking tape to tape down the stripping tabs.

Before you actually stick anything down you can lay out your pins, block and paper on your base board to guide yourself. You can then check that the paper is the correct size and the block is in the desired position for your print.

Secure your pins to the base board orientated with the button at the bottom and then tape well down making sure you press inside the hole within the pin. Secure your block to the base board well enough to carve in situ, or create a tight block registration set up on the base board in which you can very snugly reposition your block after successive carvings, although this second option will introduce the possibility of losing register by moving the block.

Place your first sheet of paper over the block and click the stripping tabs over the pins. The paper should sit below the pin and under the lower half of the tabs. Secure both tabs to your paper with masking tape. You should be able to remove them later without damaging the paper.

Place your second sheet of paper over the first, carefully align the two sheets and attach two more tabs to the pins and paper as before. Repeat this for all the sheets in your edition.

You can then set aside your paper and start making your block. As you come to print make sure you click the registration tabs over the pins and then lower the paper onto your inked block.


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