Unison Colour : Soft Pastel : Lisa Ober (Portrait) Set of 18



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High-quality, pigment rich pastels that are perfect for someone just starting out portrait-painting, or as an addition to your own pastel collection

  • Rich, smooth and intense pastels
  • Made with high-quality pigments
  • Use of pure pigments avoids colours being muddied through blending
  • Each stick is made, labelled and packed by hand


The pastels are made in Northumberland and contain only pure pigments in a cycle of related hues, instead of adding white or black to the colours. The result is intense, vibrant colour not muddied by the blending of colours. Unison's pastels contain very little binder, making them truly soft and smooth. They are mixed to meticulous recipes and are based on traditional pigments such as cadmiums, cobalts and natural and synthetic earths. Pastels measure approximately 2-1/8in long x 5/8in diameter (54 mm x 16 mm). Sticks vary slightly due to the hand-making process.

Lisa has worked with Unison Colour to hand-select many of the beautiful colours she uses in her portrait work. This set contains the foundational colours portrait artists can incorporate into their palette to create realistic and accurate skin tones. From shadow colours to highlights, you’ll find this set to be an excellent source of rich colour that will make your portraits come to life. It is the perfect set for someone just starting their portrait-painting journey, or simply as an addition to your own pastel collection.

Colour palette information:

  • Excellent first-layer colours for establishing middle values and overall skin tone
  • Great dark colours for deep shadows, contrast, and hair
  • Perfect highlight colours for glowing skin and hair
  • Useful additional colours to help you shift colour temperature, add reflective colour, and fine tune for a variety of skin shades


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