Sankaku To : Japanese Woodcut Knife : V Gouge : 4.5mm

The great legacy of blade technology in Japan and the requirement for precision carving in the production of Ukyo-e prints gave rise to the development of carving tools such as these.Crafted from from a high-quality two-part steel: a high carbon steel which holds the cutting edge, laminated to a softer steel which provides strength with a little flexibility to help prevent breakage. The tools leave the factory very sharp so please take care when handling.

They are designed with a long blade that as it is sharpened down can be moved forward within the handle. To do this you must remove the brass ferrule and then splay open the cherrywood handle. The long blade has a curved tip on the back end that can be pressed back into the wood one it is re-positioned. This stops it slipping back when carving. To re-position the Hangi-To blade, remove the brass ferrule and lift the blade up out of the groove in the handle. If the brass ferrule doen't slide off easily then try prising it off with a blade under the long side of the ferrule, or wrap the ferrule in a cloth and gently prise off with pliers.

  • Craftsman made professional tools
  • High performance two part steel
  • Blade width 4.5mm
  • Long blade to move up as it wears down over time
  • Cherrywood handle
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