Finetec : Coliro : Pearlcolors : Mica Watercolour Paint : 30mm : Autumn Set of 6



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  • Made out of mica pigments and gum arabic
  • Lightfast and pigment rich


Finetec Coliro Pearlcolors are unique shimmery metallic shades, perfect for creating wonderful shiny effects across a variety of techniques.

Coliro Pearlcolors can be used in the same way as watercolours, simply using a brush and water. They are suitable for most surfaces including paper, stone and wood. Perfect to use on dark paper, they are ideally suited for calligraphy but are suitable for for many techniques in the same way watercolours would be. Finetec Coliro Pearlcolors are manufactured using only Mica-Pigments and Gum Arabic.

Contents: Vermilion Red, Indian Summer, Peach, Golden Olive, Jungle, and Black Forest.

Please note: because each colour is hand-made no two colour pots are the same. Additionally, the colour pots are slightly curved at the bottom due to the natural drying process, this means sometimes a little hole can appear in the middle of the colour pot after some use. This is not a default but an effect of the manufacturing process.


Product CodeWCL800
Empfohlen fürAquarell
Größe30 mm Pan
Sets und PackungenSet
Country of ManufactureDeutschland
Lichtechtheit der FarbeFair
Weight (kg)0.100000


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