Faber-Castell : Series 9000 : Double Hole Sharpener

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  • Simple and clean design
  • Sharpen to a 21-24 degree point
  • Suitable for coloured pencils and graphite pencils


This Faber Castell 9000 sharpener has two sharpening holes and is suitable for coloured pencils and graphite pencils. It has a compartment which will catch the shavings from wood-clad pencils. When not in use, the sharpening apparatus will slide down into a plastic case so that graphite dust cannot fall out of the sharpening holes.

Because the leads of graphite pencils are hard and resistant to breakages, they can take a very fine point. For pencils such as these, the Castell 9000 has a fine point sharpener, which will sharpen pencils to a 21 degree point. For coloured pencils, which have softer leads, this product also has a shorter point sharpener. This will sharpen pencils to a 24 degree point.

This product should be replaced from time to time, as use will mean that the blade will blunten over time.

To find out more about sharpeners read our blog post on them by clicking here.


Product CodeAF9000
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