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A high quality removable protective varnish for acrylic paints. Provides a dust-resistant surface and protects against UV damage.

  • Excellent quality
  • Acrylic polymer resin
  • Available in gloss, matt, and satin
  • Made in Spain
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Jackson’s Removable Acrylic Varnish dries to a protective, flexible, dust resistant surface over acrylic paint. It is excellent quality and also protects against UV damage. Jacksons Acrylic Varnish is permanent and removable. We recommend applying two coats of the varnish, with an interval of at least 4 hours between coats. It should be applied in thin coats with a clean brush. This varnish is available in Gloss, Matte, and Satin formulas.

The varnish will become milky if applied when the acrylic underneath isn't fully dry. Acrylic that is touch-dry (acrylic has formed a skin, but still isn't dry inside) may take a few weeks to fully cure, especially if it is thick. If applied to touch-dry acrylic, the acrylic underneath will take much longer to dry fully, as it has been sealed, but it should eventually become clear.

Removing Varnish:

Starting in a corner of the painting, dip a clean cloth into some turpentine and very gently rub the surface of the painting.  The varnish should come off onto the cloth - remember to keep a close eye on the cloth and if you see colour coming off then stop. Working in small areas, make your way across the surface of the painting and try to keep using a fresh piece of cloth. This will help lift the varnish rather than simply spreading it about. Click to purchase solvents and varnish remover, and to read more about varnish click here..


Product CodeP-AJAV500GMS
Empfohlen fürAcryl
Größe500 ml
Mediums : GlossGloss, Satin, Matte


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