R&F : Pigment Stick (Oil Paint Bar) : 38ml : Mars Red II (2123)

SKU: ORF38028




R&F Pigment Sticks are handmade in small batches, carefully milled and molded. Only the basic traditional materials are used: natural wax, linseed oil, and pigment, and only used with absolute purity. Pigment Sticks are the only brand of oil sticks that employ only natural waxes (beeswax & plant wax). This allows for a minimum amount of wax. This results in softer consistency and greater paint film strength.

R&F Pigment Sticks let you get rid of the distancing factor of a brush and hold the paint right in your hand. The surface, the paint, your hand and your ideas all come together. The different effects you can get with these luscious sticks will amaze you.

Intensely red, yet in a high key painting it appears almost brown. Surrounded by low key colors, it can be strikingly saturated but never electric. Makes salmon pink tints. Similar to the natural ochres: English Red or Light Red.


Product Code ORF38028
AU Stocked Range Yes
To Use With Oil
Quality Excellent
Size 38 ml
Vegan Non Vegan
Quantity : Pack Single
Barcode 836943005235
Transparency N/A
Colour Lightfast N/A


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