Da Vinci : Casaneo : Synthetic Watercolour Travel Brush : Series 1593TP : Size 8

SKU: BV1593T98



High-quality da Vinci Casaneo Pocket Travel Brush, perfect for painting en plein air.
  • Hair Type: Synthetic Squirrel
  • Brush Shape: Round
  • Hair Width: 5.2mm
  • Hair Length: 25mm


Introduced because of the growing popularity in plein air and urban sketching, this da Vinci Casaneo Travel Watercolour Brush protects the brush fibres and helps artists achieve a wide variety of watercolour effects while traveling. Handy and resilient, the two parts of the brush are simply screwed together to create a sturdy and comfortable brush. Each beautiful brush is carefully shaped by hand into a perfect brush body with a very fine tip.

Da Vinci Casaneo Watercolour brushes are made from synthetic Kazan squirrel hair and are vegan and animal-friendly. Designed for use with watercolour or fluid acrylics, the Casaneo line possesses both the springy elasticity of Kazan squirrel hair and its high paint-holding capacity.


Product CodeBV1593T98
To Use WithWatercolour
Handle LengthShort
Brush ShapeRound
Hair TypeSynthetic
More Brush ShapesRound
More Hair TypesSynthetic
TechniqueGeneral, Textile, Wash
More Brush ShapesRound
Size ## 8


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