Da Vinci : Casaneo : Synthetic Watercolour Travel Brush : Series 1598TP : Quill : Size 2

SKU: BV1598TP2



High-quality da Vinci Casaneo Pocket Travel Brush, perfect for painting en plein air.
  • Hair Type: Synthetic
  • Brush Shape: Round
  • Hair Length: 23mm
  • Hair Width: 7mm


The Da Vinci Casaneo Pocket Travel Brushes are new additions to the Da Vinci Casaneo line, they are made with a specially developed incredibly soft synthetic fibres. These have been designed to mimic Kazan squirrel hair and have amazing elasticity and an extraordinarily high colour absorbing capacity. This allows smooth, elastic brush strokes and precise painting.

This range of travel brushes is designed so you can easily take it around with you and work on the go or en plein air.


Product Code BV1598TP2
AU Stocked Range No
Brush Shape Quill
Size # # 2
Series 1598TP
Handle Length Short
Quality Excellent
Vegan Vegan
Hair Type Synthetic
More Brush Shapes Round
More Brush Shapes Wash
Technique General
More Hair Types Synthetic


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