Jackson's : Nylon Retractable Brush : Size 9

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Ideal for plein air painting, this Retractable Brush is excellent quality and useful for a variety of techniques.
  • Ideal for plein air painting, this Retractable Brush is excellent quality and useful for a variety of techniques.
  • Shape: Round
  • Hair Length: 2.7 mm
  • Handle Length: Travel


This Nylon Retractable Brush is excellent quality and extremely useful for a variety of artists. This lightweight nylon hair brush has fully protected hair when retracted and is smooth and easy to use. The tip comes to a fine point and is great for working in finer details or for applying washes of colour.

This brush is ideal for plein air painting or for artists who prefer the convenience of a portable brush. It fits in your pocket and is ready to paint right away. Each brush is cured to improve the spring and resilience of the hair so it keeps its shape well for a soft yet controlled application.


Product Code BNRET
To Use With Watercolour, Gouache, Ink
Quality Excellent
AU Stocked Range Yes
Barcode 5052418119299
Vegan Non Vegan
Handle Length Travel
Brush Shape Pointed Round
Hair Type Synthetic
More Brush Shapes Round
Hair Stiffness Soft
Technique General
More Brush Shapes Pointed
Size # # 9

Reviews 7

(7 reviews)


this is a really well made brush i wish there was larger range or a set its so great for travel



This is one of my favourite brushes to use. It’s a little larger than I anticipated, it doesn’t fit in my smaller travel palette, but it holds a superb point and a good amount of water and is a delight to paint with. The bristles are firm enough to be springy without being brittle. I wish there were other sizes!



As another review has mentioned this is a little big for a travel brush but it is a very good brush, keeps a fine point



One of my favourite brushes. It keeps a lot of colour and water, and has a great flow. Definitely recommend. Great for travel, but I use it all the time anyway.

Nicole S Debono


A beautiful brush, as good as I hoped it would be!



This is a really nice travel brush. I prefer the nylon to sable as it's a little stiffer. The handle is a bit unwieldy and it's quite large to use if you have small hands, I actually use it without posting the handle. If you have larger hands this is for you. Fellow gnomes might prefer the size 4 which is more comfortable.



Haven't had much of a play yet


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