R&F : Pigment Stick Set : 38ml : Introductory Set : 6 Colours

SKU: ORF38S2810




R&F Pigment Sticks let you get rid of the distancing factor of a brush and hold the paint right in your hand. The sticks are handmade in small batches, carefully milled and molded. Only the purest traditional materials are used: linseed oil, pure pigment, and natural waxes (beeswax and plant wax).

R&F are the only brand of oil sticks that employ only natural waxes, which allows for a minimum amount of wax. This results in a lipstick-soft consistency and a greater paint film strength. With two sizes and 90 colours, these Pigment Sticks transform oil painting into a whole new experience.


Product Code ORF38S2810
AU Stocked Range Yes
To Use With Oil
Quality Excellent
Vegan Non Vegan
Sets & Packs Set
Barcode 836943007765
Transparency Refer to single colours
Colour Lightfast Refer to single colours


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