Pro Arte : Stephen Coates Foliater : Watercolour Brush : Set of 3

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  • Shape: Other Shapes
  • Handle Length: Short


The "Foliater" brush was designed for Pro Arte by the well-known watercolour artist Stephen Coates. It features a semi-circular ferrule, which produces a unique bristle profile. The brush-head is also trimmed diagonally, so that the brush produces an irregular, dappled effect when loaded with paint and stippled lightly across the surface of watercolour paper. This makes it easy to mimic the natural fall of light on the foliage of distant trees and bushes.

The brush head contains a mixture of hog bristle and racoon hair. The hog bristle allows the brush to be stiff enough to stipple and 'punch' the paper and the soft racoon hair has a great water-holding capacity, making it ideal for watercolour painting.

The Pro Arte Stephen Coates "Foliater" is available in three sizes - Small, Medium and Large - and as a set of three. This is a set of three.


Product Code BPSCFSET
To Use With Watercolour
Quality Excellent
AU Stocked Range Yes
Barcode 5024970110182
Vegan Non Vegan
Sets & Packs Set
Series Foliater
Handle Length Short
Brush Shape Stippler
Hair Type Natural
More Brush Shapes Other Shapes
Hair Stiffness Stiff
Technique Stippling, Foliage
More Brush Shapes Stippler

Reviews 3

(3 reviews)


Fine, does what it is supposed to do, very useful



Excellent for all kind of textured painting.



Quality product. Demo on website helpful.


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