Frazer Price : Brass Watercolour Box : Holds 18 Half Pans

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  • Can be used free-standing or thumb held as a palette
  • Brass finish, wipes clean with soft cloth
  • Excellent quality and long-lasting


The Frazer Price Brass Watercolour Box is functional and beautiful, produced with an electro plated brass finish that wipes clean with a soft cloth.

Designed for painting in the studio or en plein air, it can be held comfortably in one hand. This allows artists to paint in the manner of a traditional palette, leaving the other free to paint.

Inside it features white enamelled mixing trays, with one that opens out to allow the box to be used as a palette (either right or left handed). It also has an accessible compartment for housing either whole or half pans, and a water bottle and non spill reservoir. All compartments can be easily removed for cleaning in warm soapy water. Half pans not included.

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Dimensions: 111 x 67 x 45mm (4 1/4 x 2 5/8 x 1 3/4in)
Water bottle box: 27 x 110mm

Reintroducing The Frazer Price Watercolour Palette Box | Jackson's Art


Product Code AFPBWB
AU Stocked Range Yes
Palette Type Metal
Quality Excellent

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(1 review)


Mostly perfect. My first watercolor box, many years ago, was the plastic version that Winsor & Newton based off of this and which can only be called a distant echo. Many, many bijou boxes later, I finally bought this one. The build is solid. It holds just enough pans. It works great both in your hand when traveling and at the desk. My only change was that I 3D printed three larger compartments to hold clean water, dirty water, and a small rag since I will always have a water bottle with me.

Paul S.

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