Jackson's : Brush Case For Short Handle Brushes : 29x36cm Open

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This durable brush case is designed for short handled brushes and features two panels with spaces to hold your brushes that are velcroed to the back of the case. The tops of the two panels can be lifted away from the main case, folded back on themselves and attached to a velcro strip, creating an easel or upside down 'V' shape. This allows you to view your brushes easily when working at the easel and quckly select the brushes that you need. The panel can then be folded back down when not in use and the case can be zipped up as normal when in storage or transporting your brushes. 

Dimensions of brush case when open: 29cm x 36cm

Dimensions of brush case when closed: 29cm x 17cm

Maximum length of brush it will comfortably hold: 25cm

Maximum width of brush it will comfortable hold: 13mm


Product Code ACJBH29
AU Stocked Range Yes
Quality Mid-range
Vegan Vegan

Reviews 4

(4 reviews)


This was my first brush case and it works perfectly. My brushes stay safe when travelling and because I am a bit OCD I numbered the slots with a white gel pen so they have order. The case works perfectly and I was so happy with it I ordered another! I would most definitely recommend this product :)



This is my first brush case also, but looking at the quality, I do not know how Jacksons do it for the price. I have found it good when used as an easel as well as it's main job of storing my brushes. I shall be taking it to Greece, so I shall find out if it looks after my brushes.



Perfect, so much more protective than my previous case. The fact that you can be folded to make an easel is very handy.



It's my first brush case so I didn't know what to look for. This one did the job. I do have to pay attention before closing that all the brushes are correctly placed in order to avoid messing them up.


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