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Langridge Solvent 75 is a low toxicity solvent, recommended for a safer studio environment. It acts as a diluent and solvent for oil colours.

This highly refined odourless mineral sprits (OMS) has 100% purity. An alternative to traditional artists’ solvents, it reduces exposure to the more harmful compounds associated with turpentine and general petroleum distillates that contain acetone and toluene.

Langridge Solvent 75 cannot be used for the home manufacture of artists’ varnishes (natural or synthetic). Damar resin cannot be dissolved in Langridge Solvent 75 or any petroleum distillate.

Completely odourless and leaves no residue after evaporation.

Flashpoint: 75 degrees C (167 degrees F)


Product Code P-MLA43
To Use With Oil
Quality Highest
AU Stocked Range No
Quantity : Pack Single
Hazardous Type Aspiration Hazard


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