Cold Wax Academy : Soft Roller / Brayer : 6in (150mm)




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  • Non-latex, easy to clean roller
  • Sturdy handle that doubles as a stand
  • 4 sizes available


Cold Wax Academy Brayers have a durable construction and provide smooth, even rolling. The non-latex roller is just the right softness for creating striking surface effects with cold wax and water-based media.

Each brayer features a sturdy handle that doubles as a stand. Inverting the brayer keeps the roller from touching surfaces until you are ready to use it and protects the soft, responsive surface during storage. The 36.5mm diameter roller has a metal axle and is mounted in a metal frame, which keeps it rolling smoothly and makes cleanup easy.

4 sizes available.


Product Code RCWA6
AU Stocked Range Yes
Quality Highest
Vegan Vegan


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