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These mini sets are a great introduction to Stonehenge and Yupo Papers. These mini pads allow you to experiment with different techniques and determine which paper is best for you and your work before investing in a larger pack. Excellent for side by side paper comparisons and suitable for a variety of applications. Sets are available with 10-12 pads.

Yupo is a non-porous, acid free and pH neutral, synthetic paper which is machine made in the US from 100% polypropylene. It is completely waterproof, stain-resistant and has become a unique and intriguing alternative to traditional art papers due to its strength and lifting properties.

The super smooth surface allows you to build up nuances and patterns that would normally be impossible to achieve on traditional watercolour and drawing paper. Because it can be wiped clean you have the option to return to specific areas and redo them until they meet your standards, or to build up layers of paint using a similar technique to the one used with oil painting.

Stonehenge Aqua is a high quality, silky watercolour paper that performs excellently with wet-on-wet applications or wet-on-dry applications. Its crispness and excellent quality enables it to anchor work beautifully no matter what the technique. Lifting and blending are a dream on this paper allowing you the control you need to produce fine, elegant work. Its absorbency is perfect for preventing bright colours drying to a dull tone. The flat paper dries flat and resists buckling, whether you’re using blocks or sheets.


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