Stonehenge : Aqua Black Watercolour Paper Pads


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  • Available from 5 x 7in to 10 x 14in
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Legion Paper have produced the worlds first 100% cotton black watercolour paper. Utilizing their vast experience producing new papers for emerging markets, Legion has worked directly with artists to create this unique and superb paper. With the recent introduction of new metallic and pearlescent watercolour paints, pencils, pens, markers and inks, this paper opens up new avenues for artists looking to work with unique effects and techniques.

This paper has superior wet-on-wet performance - paint can be easily manipulated without drying up. Like any other top-quality watercolour paper it withstands repeated wetting/drying over long periods of time with no damage to the paper. The paper allows for easy lifting and blending and ensures you have excellent control of your colours. Colours won't blur, bleed or mix in undesirable ways like other black papers can. It holds multiple layers of colour and holds up to masking and scrubbing. Along with these features, black paper offers a wealth of creative possibility. Instead of building up shadows, artists build up light tones. This encourages artists to work in a different way to usual and produce varied and unique work.

We stock a variety of different black watercolour papers. We wanted to explore the unique characteristics of each paper and compare the visibility and behaviour of different mediums and colours on the surfaces - read our blog post to find out the results. You can also read our in-depth review of Stonehenge Aqua Black.


  • 100% cotton
  • Acid, Chlorine, OBA, Lignin-Free
  • Same surface both sides
  • Buckle-Resistant, dries flat
  • Versatile, suitable for a variety of mediums


Product Code P-PSTB
AU Stocked Range Yes
Quality Highest
To Use With Watercolour
Surface : Colour Black
Surface : Type Paper - Pad
Binding : Cover Pad
Quantity : Sheets 15 Sheets
Paper : Format Gummed Pad


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