Pebeo : High Viscosity : Studio Acrylic Paint : 100ml : Mars Black

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Mars Black is a widely used pigment with a high rating for opacity, lightfastness and permanence. It is completely opaque with a warm, brownish undertone.

  • Highly pigmented with a high viscosity
  • Thick consistency
  • Once dry, acrylics are permanent and water-resistant
  • Generally good lightfastness


Pebeo Studio Acrylics are rich acrylic colours with high viscosity, providing excellent quality at an affordable price. Available in a range of colours, including some iridescent and fluorescent, they have a thick consistency, can retain brush or spatula marks, and dry to a satin finish.

This is a 100ml tube of Pebeo Studio Acrylic in Mars Black.


Product Code AP100026
AU Stocked Range Yes
To Use With Acrylic
Quality Mid-range
Size 100 ml
Vegan Vegan
Barcode 3167868310263
Pigment Index PBk7 PBk11
Transparency Opaque
Colour Lightfast Excellent


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