Daler Rowney : Screen Printing Set : A3 Screen, Colours, Medium & More




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A Daler Rowney Screen Printing Set with A3 screen, acrylic colours, medium, drawing fluid, screen block and more

Contents Include:

5 x 75ml System 3 Acrylics

1 x Vermillion Hue
1 x Ultramarine
1 x Process Yellow
1 x Process Black
1 x Titanium White

1 x Screen Printing Frame with high-quality mesh (41cm x 55cm)
1 x Squeegee (28.5cm x 0.8cm)
1 x System 3 Textile Printing Medium (260ml)
1 x System 3 Screen Drawing Fluid (29.5ml)
1 x System 3 Screen Printing Medium (130ml)
1 x Removable Screen Block (130ml)
1 x Plastic Mixing Spatula
1 x Screen Printing DVD
1 x Step-by-Step Project Sheet

1 x Brush


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AU Stocked Range Yes
Quality Excellent
Sets & Packs Set
Vegan Non Vegan


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