Jackson's : Handmade Board : Clear Glue Sized Rough Linen CL681 on MDF Board : 18x24cm

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Jackson’s Handmade Linen Boards are made in house, using the finest Italian linens. Available in a range of sizes and surfaces.

The linen is affixed to the the MDF with PH Neutral adhesive which also forms a sufficient barrier between the board and linen to protect the linen from any impurities.

Canvas: 100% Linen
Priming: Clear Sized
Texture: Coarse/Rough Grain

Thickness: 3.5mm

This surface is single-primed, oil painters will need to add a coat of matt medium (or similar).

This canvas is stiffened and sealed with one coat of universal transparent size. So this half-prepared canvas saves the artist some trouble and still allows them to get the custom surface they want by applying their own gesso. The artist can finish the canvas by adding their own choice of primer to the surface: acrylic primer, clear acrylic medium, homemade genuine gesso or oil primer. This canvas comes in three textures: extra-fine, fine and rough and is available by the metre, stretched and on a Jackson's Handmade Linen Board.

Please note: you will need apply an extra layer of size, if you wish to apply oil primer or oil paint to the surface. This product is for use with oil based paints and should not be used with acrylics.


Product Code CL681B1824
To Use With Oil, Acrylic
Quality Excellent
Barcode 5052418558876
Quantity : Pack Single
AU Stocked Range Yes
Size : Metric : CM 18 x 24 cm
Surface : Type Board / Panel
Surface : Surface Rough
Canvas : Material Linen
Surface : Depth 4 mm
Canvas / Surface : Priming Clear Glue Sized
Canvas / Surface : Substrate MDF


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