Grafix : Impress Print Media : Monoprint Plate : 6x9in : Pack of 3




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Grafix Monoprint Plates are a transparent, durable, nonporous printing surface used to create unique prints by applying paint, using stencils, tracing, or removing ink to create a print. They are economical compared to metal or glass plates and are lightweight for easy portability. Drypoint and collage techniques are also possible with these multipurpose plates. Their flexibility and lightweight nature means they are easily scratched which is ideal for drypoint.

Grafix monoprint plates have a light blue protective coating on each side to keep the film from scratching. Just remove the blue liners before use. 

A pack of 3 Monoprint Plates each measuring 6x9in


Product Code HGMP69-3
AU Stocked Range Yes
Quality Excellent
To Use With Printmaking, Mixed Media
Vegan Non Vegan
Sets & Packs Pack
Barcode 96701144471
Size : Imperial : Inch 6 x 9 in


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