Jackson's : Pastel Holder : 8.5mm




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This Jackson’s Pastel Holder takes a pastel, a piece of graphite or charcoal with a width of 8.5mm. Pastel holders can also be used for graphite or charcoal and are useful for when you want to use a the end of a pastel stick while maintaining control. This allows to use your expensive pastels entirely without wasting precious materials. It can also be used to prevent getting your hands dirty allowing you to change between pastels and keep clean lines. Additionally, it can be the perfect tool for those artists who find it difficult to grip and maneuver, the stick by itself.


Product Code AJPH85
AU Stocked Range Yes
To Use With Pastel
Vegan Vegan
Barcode 5052418747003
Transparency N/A
Colour Lightfast N/A


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